• University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) in Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation - Anna University


UPE Advisory Committee Members

Prof. M. K. Surappa
Vice Chancellor -
Anna University

Dr. G.D. Yadav
Vice Chancellor - ICT Mumbai Mentor

Prof. P. Balaram
Former Director - IISc Bangalore Member

Institute Professor - IIT Madras

Coordinator, UPE

Professor of Eminence

UPE Deputy Coordinator

Dr. S. Meenakshi sundaram
Deputy Coordinator, UPE

Dr K. Gunaseelan
Deputy Coordinator, UPE

Dr. A. Siddharthan
Deputy Coordinator, UPE

Dr. V. Sathiesh Kumar
Deputy Coordinator, UPE

UPE Principal Investigators

Bioscience & Technology
Dr. S.Ganesan
Dr. P. Aruna
Dr. S. Meenakshisundaram
Dr. B. S. Lakshmi
Dr. K. Sankaran

Optoelectronics and Medical Imaging
Dr. S. Muttan
Dr. S. Shenbagadevi
Dr. S. Nirmaladevi
Dr. M. Sasikala
Dr. S. Poonguzhali
Dr. T.Jayasree

Limited Manufacturing Mechanical
Dr. R. Sivaramakrishnan
Dr. A. Siddharthan
Dr. G. Arumaikkannu
Dr. S. Rashia Begum
Dr. A. Suresh Babu

Limited Manufacturing Electronics
Dr. N. Ramadass
Dr. K. Gunaseelan

Dr. T. Thyagarajan
Dr. Sabitha Ramakrishnan
Dr. V. Sathiesh Kumar

Dr. Hansa Lysander Maohar
Dr. Jayanth Jacob